Meet the PRC Board Of Directors

Deborah Lehmann

Deborah Lehmann is an authentic and resourceful community leader and grief support coach, with a proven record of accomplishment for driving social change in the non-profit, charitable sector. Deborah joined the Parent Resource Centre (PRC) in 2015 with a passion for the organization’s vital mission, and a strong understanding of the community’s need for the services it provides. With a focus on child development, mental health and parenting support, the PRC helps build confident, resilient families in Ottawa.  Deborah’s vision for the organization is to create communities where all children discover and develop skills to live the best life possible. In her role as Executive Director, she encourages a culture of creativity and innovation while ensuring PRC continues to provide best practices to support each child’s unique processes and circumstances.

Prior to her arrival at PRC, Deborah spent 10 years focused on end-of-life services in British Columbia. This extremely fulfilling work brought her to collaborate with the local Palliative Care Team, eventually joining the Hospice Advisory Group that provided system-planning advice about palliative care to the province. She was also one of the founding members of an integrated health-care development that offered palliative care and comprehensive grief support; a single location with a range of services for children, youth, adults and families. The Campus of Care in Abbotsford, BC, was the first of its kind in North America, and resulted in Debbie receiving a Paul Harris award from the Abbotsford Rotary Club for her inspirational work in founding this Campus of Care.

In British Columbia, Deborah was an energetic Rotarian, and amongst many community contributions were memberships on the Abbotsford Police Board and the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Of particular interest to Deborah was her involvement with the Social Development Advisory Committee that provided advice to City Council on social issues, helping guide the City’s social planning, especially for it’s most vulnerable and marginalized citizens.

In Ottawa, her many volunteer roles have included service as a member of the Adoption Council of Canada’s Board of Directors, Habitat for Humanity’s Family Partnering Committee, the Ottawa Association of Fundraising Professionals Board of Directors and Bruyère Continuing Care Board of Directors. More recently, she has joined an advisory committee of Hospice Care Ottawa and the Laurentian Chapter of the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire (IODE), a fundraising grass roots organization that supports charities who work with women and children.

The value she brings to clients, staff, donors and community partners flows from the experience, insight and life lessons she has gained throughout her career spanning over 15 years in the social service sector.

Executive Director

Board member since: 2013