Meet the PRC Board Of Directors

Faisa Hussein

Faisa arrived in Canada in 1998. In her quest to serve others, she worked at many organizations, as an employee or volunteer.

In 2011, Faisa graduated from York University with a Bachelor Degree with honours in Humanities. In 2015, she moved to Ottawa with her young daughter. Faisa is now in the process of learning French and hopes that within the next couple of years she will be able to speak it fluently.

Faisa’s dream is to become a counsellor/ psychotherapist as she feels that is an ideal place she can serve her community and work in a field that fits her well.

Faisa is passionate about providing children with a place like PRC within their communities. Faisa is proud of PRC’s legacy and excited for its future promises. She is happy to be part of the PRC team.

Board member

Board member since: 2019