A playgroup (0-6) for all families to gather together to play, laugh and learn from one another.

This unique and inspiring program will host a guest speaker each week sharing practical information and resources about parenting, health, playtime, routine, parenting books of interest and so much more.  Traditional Indigenous teachings with time-honoured messages will also be offered to reinforce the importance of parenting and self-care in everyday life.

We invite you to join us to experience the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of our Family Wellness Circle.

Healthy snacks provided.

Weekly Circles are not currently being offered.

Speaker topics and discussions may include:

  • circle time for families
  • importance of a daily schedule for children
  • healthy sleep patterns
  • school readiness
  • traditional medicine teachings
  • infant mental health
  • self-care for parents
  • thirteen grandmother teachings
  • recognizing forms of and working through trauma
  • holistic approaches to healing
  • cradle board teachings
  • smudging, singing and drumming
  • ages and stages for children
  • indigenous teachings