Alexa Pasha joined the PRC family in early 2017, as the In-home Parenting Educator. She provides in-home, one-on-one parent education, support and resources to parents who are experiencing specific parenting issues and may be facing multiple barriers. Acting as an advocate for parents and children in her program, Alexa uses teaching tools and interventions that are tailored to the needs of the family. A client and family centred approach is always on the forefront. Alexa has been working in the non-for profit sector for almost a decade and is passionate about helping others.

Before coming to PRC, Alexa worked at The Ottawa Mission first as a frontline worker, gaining valuable skills and experiences which would further her drive to support those in the vulnerable sector.

Later on she helped individuals pursue their dreams of continuing education and gainful employment, working as an Employment and Education counselor. During this time, Alexa began volunteering with VETS Canada to help directly support veterans in crisis and assisted in local programming.

After experiencing parenting first hand with her son, Alexa shifted career streams, where she could help families and provide the tools to facilitate positive change in the home. In order to make a difference, the first step of learning and change starts at home.  Alexa believes that a parent must feel supported and have the skills and tools to parent in an effective way. When helpful skills are applied, children will feel supported and loved unconditionally, creating the building blocks for growth and success in the future.