Justeen is a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa and holds a degree in International Development and Globalization with a minor in Geography. At PRC, Justeen is part of the Data Analysis Coordinator Team and her background involves Geographic Information Systems (GIS). So any questions regarding maps or numbers, she’s your girl!

Before joining the PRC Team, Justeen was working and living abroad in Malawi as a GIS Advisor for the African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC) and the Ministry of Trade. She believes in the value of creating mapping products that will benefit local communities and organizations, to ensure improvement for their program delivery. During her time in Malawi, Justeen produced maps to prevent program overlap of incoming international organizations, along with many other maps for the agricultural sector. She continued working for the Ministry of Trade upon her arrival back in Canada due to the high demand of mapping products within other partner organizations.

This geo-geek has managed to map her way around the globe with work opportunities, and values her experiences to improve and to teach others of the importance of spatial products.