How we Help

The Parent Resource Centre believes in fostering a sense of social responsibility within our community…

We are more than a platform of programs, a collection of services, a Facebook page, or an Instagram account.  We are more than a support line, a toy library, on-line maps and calendars.  We are a group of passionate and skilled individuals connecting with children and families everyday bringing a legacy of commitment, life experience, and inclusive approaches.  We are a children’s charity.  We bring hope, compassion, and sometimes we even bring laughter to situations that may seem bleak or hopeless.


At the Parent Resource Centre, our values support all the work we do:



We believe children, youth and families come first and that parents and caregivers are the primary agents of change.

  • We provide HOLISTIC services

whose purpose is to enhance the well-being of children; this includes a system of supportable, adaptable, and diverse services for children and youth, families and volunteers.

  • We are INCLUSIVE

We recognize and uphold the principal of equity, respecting uniqueness.

  • We provide LEADERSHIP

We offer our professional opinion on matters affecting children and youth.  We provide innovative opportunities for growth, and collaborate with others to maximize resources.

  • We are DEDICATED

For over 40 years, we have been and continue to be committed to serving to the evolving needs of the children and their families in our communities.


In our daily work, you will see us:

  • identify and help remove barriers for parents experiencing multiple barriers
  • collaboratively with other professionals
  • collect data and create reports to help interpret important information for Ottawa’s Early Years sector
  • consider the “whole” family
  • work to keep families together
  • provide the opportunity to learn practical skills
  • support the healing of wounded parent-child relationships
  • seek to make parents more confident at parenting – working with them to improve emotional stability, parenting confidence and psychological resilience.
  • train the professionals who work with children