PRC Holiday Toy Drive 2018

PRC Holiday Toy Drive 2018

This season, the Parent Resource Centre (PRC) is looking to expand and refresh our popular toy library with newer toys and learning aids which are specifically chosen to provide positive benefits for children with various developmental needs.

Your generosity during the PRC Holiday Toy Drive 
directly supports our clients, their children and their well-being.

Over the past year PRC had over 9 000 visits to our playgroups, and our toy library allows us to extend our positive impact further out into the community. Toy libraries provide an opportunity for children and parents to learn together in their own space, at their
own skill level and pace and in the language of their choosing.

With you, we can help more families and children when and where they 
need it most - strengthening relationships, families and communities 
in Ottawa with the power of play...

Our library also provides the opportunity for families and caregivers to borrow instead of purchasing toys which is helpful when finances are tight or attention spans are short. The PRC staff excels in providing advice to parents and caregivers to help find the right toy to help develop and/or refine specific skills. wishlist for children 0-6 :

Puzzles    *      Sensory toys   *  I SPY tubes   *   Weighted lap toys    *  Books/touch books  *   Doctor/Vet play kits
Games     *       Tanagrams   *  Playhut (store, bakery)  *   Antsy Pants Build & Play   *  Magnetic building blocks
Lego Classic large bricks*

Giving is fast, easy and flexible :


The Parent Resource Centre (PRC) is pleased to be working with FundScrip
to raise funds to expand our toy library to include more toys that appeal to
children with varied developmental needs.

FundScrip is an established, Canada-wide fundraising program in which our supporters pay for their shopping (groceries, gas, home & garden, entertainment, restaurants, and much more) with gift cards. Each purchase automatically includes a donation to the Parent Resource Centre – at no extra cost to you. This is very convenient, as you buy cards for places you already shop!

Each card gives a percentage of the card value back to the PRC… anywhere from 1.5% to 12%+ depending on the card and if there are any promotions (sometimes up to 15% of the cards value!). Orders are mailed directly to your home, and you can pay by bill payment, eTransfer or credit card. If paying by credit card, be aware they take at least 1.99% back from the donation to cover the credit card fees.    Group Code: UCXHUE