Kathy T

With a core belief in families as the first, most important teachers of their children, Kathy Torunski is a dedicated adult educator supporting families to understand their children’s development and to create strong relationships with them.  

Kathy’s first taste of facilitating dates to her Girl Guide days when she would lead campfires and interactive activities. She hasn’t stopped honing her skills since.  With over 20 years of providing training workshops to parents, students as well as Early Years and Care Providers, Kathy Torunski, is highly skilled at providing informative and engaging adult education. 

Kathy’s primary interest lies with secure attachments that provide the basis of all learning. She brings an especially informed lens on early communication development. 

Kathy is eager to meet new families and have conversations about how children can thrive and become the best humans possible.  SO, it is with great enthusiasm that she joins the Parent Resource Centre.  

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