How we Help…

We help parents, caregivers and professionals – because they help children.

At the Parent Resource Centre, we provide an inclusive, holistic space for play, learning and support.  Though we cater to our Central East service area (as defined by the City of Ottawa), our EarlyON playgroups are open to all Ottawa families.

Our specialized support services are also accessible city-wide, and include workshops and in-home support by referral.  We also offer many resources that are available online, including our Parent Support Line, Parent Education Calendar, and GoFamily! Map.

The Parent Resource Centre believes in fostering a sense of social responsibility within our community…

We are more than a platform of programs, a collection of services, a Facebook page, or an Instagram account.  We are more than a support line, a toy library, on-line maps and calendars.  We are a group of passionate and skilled individuals connecting with children and families everyday bringing a legacy of commitment, life experience, and inclusive approaches.  We are a children’s charity.  We bring hope, compassion, and sometimes we even bring laughter to situations that may seem bleak or hopeless.

Deborah Lehmann, Executive Director, PRC

Our Strategic Plan 2019 – 2024

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