Below you will find recommendations to resources and links that share best practices in early learning and care, as well as strategies to enhance your professional practice.

Hot Topics

Early Literacy

Research demonstrates that early reading and literacy experiences, opportunities to build vocabularies, and literacy-rich environments are the most effective ways to support the development of pre-reading and cognitive skills that ensure that children are prepared for success in school, including grade-level reading and throughout life.

Math Literacy

How you can be good at math and other surprising facts about learning”.
Jo Boaler, in her TEDxStanford talk challenges past thinking about numerical literacy and encourages us to change our thinking and methodology when teaching math at any level.

Pedagogical Resources

  • To support educators working in early years settings in their continuous professional learning, the Ontario Ministry of Education has developed the following thought-provoking resources.
  • The Childcare Resource and Research Unit is an early childhood education and child care policy research institute.
  • Early Years Professional Development Centre offers online professional development to expand your knowledge of the early years and what is relevant.

Health and Well-being