Funding Priorities

As a charity, our need for supports centers on meeting the demand for our services that put us face to face with our clients and directly impact their skills and abilities – in their home, reading a book, playing with toys and singing learning songs  – so that we can help more families and children when and where they need it most.

Our priority program area is Child and Family Early Learning and Play.

Child and Family Early Learning and Play

  • In-home parenting support (household & safety)
  • Emergency baby cupboard (formula, diapers, wipes)
  • Specialized infant programs (sensory, massage)
  • Little Picassos' art classes - (art supplies, teaching time)
  • Indoor and outdoor play spaces (health & safety)
  • Toy library (specialized toys)

In-home Parent Support Program

Our parenting support services are based on the belief that when you help parents, you help children thrive and live the best life possible.  Our services are focused, as we meet families where they are at and work together to strengthen and nurture the relationships and attachment between parent and child. Services are tailored to meet every family’s needs and capabilities.  Your support of this program enables the PRC to meet the needs of the families currently on our waiting list – providing timely help to our most vulnerable clients.

Emergency Baby Cupboard

This new initiative was created to address a need unique to our Parent Support Program – immediate emergency support for those vulnerable when circumstances do not permit them to access more public sources of aid.  Our cupboard helps to provide the necessities for families in crisis – who need more support and nurturing than usual to access community services, or who may be unable to reach out to more traditional services.  Support in this area can be both financial (to purchase items we do not have but are needed) or in-kind donations, of diapers, wipes, formula and personal care items.

Specialized Infant Programs

PRC offers programing for infants that supports early development and bonding. The group provides a welcoming space for parents and their infants to connect and share stories while receiving support in their parenting roles by a Child Development Specialist.  Infant massage and sensory development programs are extremely popular, and additional support in this area enables the PRC to significantly reduce wait list times and offer more groups to meet demand.

Children’s Art Classes

Our Little Picasso’s art afternoons provide a unique, low cost opportunity for a parent and child to create a masterpiece together with the help of a Child Development Specialist and artist in a small group setting.  Support of these popular afternoons allows for the use of paints, aprons, brushes, canvasses, encourages imagination and provides snacks to encourage teamwork, communication and bonding. Participants are able to take home and proudly display their masterpieces - as well as having made new memories of time spent together.

Indoor and Outdoor Play Spaces

The Parent Resource Centre is fortunate to have both indoor and outdoor play spaces for our children. Support for our play spaces would ensure an engaging and stimulating environment that meets the needs of the children and provides a variety of choices to enrich their experience. Both spaces require monitoring for safety and toys and equipment need to be repaired or replaced regularly.

Toy Library

Our toy library allows children to play with a purpose.  The library includes popular and time tested toys as well as learning aids which are specifically chosen to provide positive benefits for children with various developmental needs.  Our library also provides the opportunity for families and caregivers to borrow toys instead of purchasing which is helpful when finances are tight or attention spans are short. The PRC staff excels in providing advice to parents and caregivers to help find the right toy to help develop and/or refine specific skills.  Your gift of play will allow the PRC to purchase new toys and reach out to the families who can best use these resources.

Parent Support Phone Line

Our support line is a free, non-medical, confidential, phone line that parents, caregivers and professionals can call for encouragement and suggestions related to child development and child behaviour. We also provide support with service navigation, and make referrals to appropriate professionals and agencies as necessary.  Support in this area will allow the PRC to expand the hours during which this services is available to parents and caregivers as well as include a web chat option for parents.

Specialized Workshops

As strategists and leaders in comprehensive training for parents and professionals, the PRC hosts workshops and reflective practice sessions throughout the year.  Your support in this area, will allow PRC to meet the demand for this (and other) training and reach out to audiences and parents we would not be able to serve with our traditional funding model.