Family Resilience Program

The Parent Resource Centre’s Family Resilience Program (FRP) provides client-centered, trauma-informed parenting support services with minimal access barriers.


FRP is a support service for vulnerable high-risk families (parents and children 0-18) that are not connected or able to access community parenting services. FRP offers families short-term interventions based on the family’s capacity and strengths. Our goals are to increase the social functioning and parenting capacity of the family, support children’s healthy development, while supporting the development of positive parenting skills. We also support clients to access more mainstream services when ready.


FRP offers services in the client’s home or at the centre in a group setting. The In-home Support Services are reserved for clients who face significant economic and social barriers.


The In-home Team provides variety of supports including but not limited to:


          ● short term situational counselling (as it relates to parenting stressors)

          ● assistance with system navigation

 ● advocacy/working collaboratively with other service providers. This may   

    include accompanying clients to appointments with other service providers.

          ● education on topics relevant to client’s circumstances includes but not

             limited to:


- behaviour guidance

                   - attachment

                   - temperament

                   - child development

                   - building healthy relationships between parents and children

                   - parental stress and self care

                   - health and safety

                   - establishing rules and routine


 Parents will increase their knowledge, skills, and confidence in raising children with challenging behaviours, developemental delays, and/or mental health diagnoses. They will learn to balance their own needs so that they can meet the needs of the children in their care.

FRP Program Intake Form