For over four decades, the Parent Resource Centre has offered specialized services to address the needs of families in our community who require parenting support.

Our Family Resilience Program (FRP) provides client-centered, trauma-informed parenting support services with minimal access barriers.  Our Program is a support service for vulnerable high-risk families (parents and children aged 0-18) who are not connected to or able to access community parenting services.  The FRP includes individualized services in our clients’ homes, or in a group setting at the Parent Resource Centre.

Our Family Resilience Program has four core objectives:

  1. increase the social functioning and parenting capacity of the family;
  2. support children’s healthy development;
  3. support the development of positive parenting skills; and
  4. support clients in the shift to more mainstream services when ready.

Our Family Resilience Program allows parents to build on their existing strengths and gain tools to use in everyday parenting.  Parents learn to balance their own needs so that they can meet the needs of the children in their care, and can increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in raising children, including those with challenging behaviours, developmental delays, and/or mental health diagnoses.  Families receive short-term interventions based on their capacities and strengths.

Following is a list of the services and supports we offer through our Family Resilience Program:.

For more information about the Family Resilience Program (FRP) and eligibility, please refer to our FRP Brochure, review our FRP Program Intake Form, and/or contact a member of our Family Resilience Support Team at 613-565-2467, extension 3.