It takes a team to provide holistic, all-around care for families, parents and children.  The staff at the PRC are highly trained, energetic and committed to helping all children and families get the services and resources they need to live their best possible life.

  • Mariama Aregbesola

    Family Resilience Program Manager

    613-565-2467 ext:229

  • Joanne Boyd

    Professional Learning Leader and Early Learning Specialist

    (613) 565-2467 ext:244

  • Paula Coons

    Interim Executive Director/Finance Officer

    (613) 565-2467 ext:227

  • José Dimayuga

    Data Analysis Coordinator

    613-565-2467 ext:232

  • Susan Duke

    EarlyON Program Manager

    613-565-2467 ext:225

  • Rokeya Ferdues

    EarlyON Facilitator (Saturdays)


  • Kimberley Hogan

    Community Engagement and Program Officer

    (613) 565-2467 ext:238

  • Eden Hyslop

    In-Home Parent Support Worker

  • Neema Mohamed

    Child Development Specialist, EarlyON Program

    (613) 565-2467 ext:226

  • Lea Ntumba

    Program Assistant

    613-565-2467 ext:224

  • Rita Tapia

    Professional Learning Leader