With parents and children navigating restrictions and another round of remote learning, here are some important reminders: 

Allow space for everyone’s feelings. Many parents and family members are exhausted and as a result have limited capacity. It’s important to be self-aware and honest about how you are feeling, and how much energy, enthusiasm and time you have available to devote to remote learning. Check in with your child(ren) too and be curious about where they are at, practice empathy and validate their feelings.

Give yourself and your child permission to minimize expectations. There will be lots of requirements, deadlines, and pressure to get things done. Try taking some of the pressure off, practice self-compassion, be patient with your child(ren) and do the best you can. Remind your child(ren) that remote learning is important, but that there are other things that are important too such as feeling loved and supported and recognizing what has gone well and what has already been accomplished.
Be flexible. As we know, things are changing weekly and sometimes daily and it’s out of our control. The pandemic has created and continues to create uncertainty, disappointment and grief. Even though parenting requires consistency, sometimes it’s okay to break the routine and respond to a child’s immediate need or a behavior that may seem out of the ordinary. Also, try adding in some spontaneity and collaborate with your child(ren) to do something fun and break the stress cycle.

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