Welcome to the GoFamily!

The GoFamily! Map was developed by the Parent Resource Centre in collaboration with the Ottawa Best Start Network.  This interactive map shows the locations and contact information for child and family services in Ottawa. These services are either free or have a minimal cost and have been divided into several categories, which reflect the different needs of our growing population.

Due to changes in the background technology we are using, our map has changed slightly – most obviously with our menu of services.

To find services near you:

  1. Click on the service menu to display of the type of service you are looking for.  Select the service, and it will appear on the map.
  2. Click on an icon in the map to find more information about the service.

As we further develop this resource, we will be expanding the available menu to include a wider range of services for parents.  Please let us know what else you would find helpful to see included on the map.  We welcome your input.

Alternatively, should you wish to have your existing information edited, please contact information@parentresource.ca.

GoFamily! Map

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