What others have to say about the Parent Resource Centre…

The Parent Resource Center has played a huge role in the bonding through play relationship I have with my youngest son, Joshua. Not only is it located across the street from us but the facility itself is a positive and welcoming environment. From different play areas for babies and toddlers, to the walls filled with art and useful information on parenting and raising healthy children, the PRC is a place where my son and I can play, sing and enjoy others company without the distraction of my phone, emails, TV or household chores that would normally interrupt our play if we were at home. It’s a great place for my son to learn important milestones in his development and a place for me to get some social needs met through conversations with staff and other parents. We love the PRC!

Megan, Parent (November 2018)

Dear Neema, Susan & the PRC Team,

Thanks so much for all the warmth & support over the last year of my mat leave. The PRC is such a welcoming space and amazing resource, made so by its incredible staff. Owen and I have loved coming here every week!

Nicki, Parent

Hi, my name is Cherie and I am completing my Masters Degree in Social Work at Carleton University.  I recently completed a four-month practicum at Parent Resource Centre.  Before coming here, I knew about the amazing playgroups that PRC operated since I brought my two older sons here when they were small. However, I was unaware of all the other fantastic things PRC was doing for and in the community.  My time here was a great experience for two reasons.  First, it was a great learning experience.  My supervisor was extremely supportive and facilitated getting the most out of my placement as an In-Home Parenting Educator.  Secondly, the remarkable group of women as well as the values of the organization create an environment of balanced work life, well being, and growth.  I know that PRC will continue to do great things in the community and I will miss being a part of the team.

Cherie Fish (April 2018), University Student on Placement

[Thanks to the work I did with my counselor] I became aware that the key to a better relationship with my kids actually started with me. I had to lead by example and model healthy behaviours. I recognized that working with my counselor was an opportunity to heal.

Sabrina, In-Home Parent Support Client

I wanted to say thank you again for all your help outside the course as I really did not have a good childhood and had little to go upon for helping with emotions as well as getting out of the mindset of only meeting physical needs with no emphasis on emotional awareness. I knew I needed help to be more in touch with “shark music” as it has a lot of parallels to C-PTSD, your mind tends to get tense or your reactions stoic or detached from the constant stressors. However, your advice has really helped me gain confidence that I can better meet both my children’s needs. It helped me model how to work through tough emotions and still have healthy boundaries! Listening to other parents gave me a blueprint of how to help meet my first son’s needs for camaraderie & connection. He even offers to help when “baby wudy” is crying he says “I’m here for you” the same way my current partner and I tell him when he is feeling on the bottom of the circle and needs support it is so sweet to see! I will recommend the program to any parent I meet, as I did not have a good example of being present on the circle, I have confidence I can observe, identify and validate my child’s needs. I can also better repair our bond where there is a rupture.

Anonymous, In-Home Parent Support Client