What others have to say about the Parent Resource Centre…

The Parent Resource Center has played a huge role in the bonding through play relationship I have with my youngest son, Joshua. Not only is it located across the street from us but the facility itself is a positive and welcoming environment. From different play areas for babies and toddlers, to the walls filled with art and useful information on parenting and raising healthy children, the PRC is a place where my son and I can play, sing and enjoy others company without the distraction of my phone, emails, TV or household chores that would normally interrupt our play if we were at home. It’s a great place for my son to learn important milestones in his development and a place for me to get some social needs met through conversations with staff and other parents. We love the PRC!

Megan, Parent (November 2018)

The Parent Resource Centre has been an important part of my family’s life for over three years. My first child, James, was born in England while we were living there for my husband’s work. I was very unhappy, and was optimistic that once we returned home to Ottawa, I would feel better. Unfortunately I did not. When James was four months old, I was diagnosed with post-partum depression and anxiety, and began treatment. I slowly began to feel better and more capable as a new mother, and the PRC was a big contributor to that. Though I felt stressed out and anxious, I always looked forward to going to baby group (usually twice a week at that time).  James loved socializing with other parents and his fellow babies.  I will always remember how much he bounced up and down with excitement during circle time, especially when we sang “Zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moon.” At home, I often felt like I was not doing enough for my baby, but at playgroup, I knew he and I were benefiting from the positive interactions, information, toys, games and songs.

Claire, Parent (March 2017)

Hi, my name is Cherie and I am completing my Masters Degree in Social Work at Carleton University.  I recently completed a four-month practicum at Parent Resource Centre.  Before coming here, I knew about the amazing playgroups that PRC operated since I brought my two older sons here when they were small. However, I was unaware of all the other fantastic things PRC was doing for and in the community.  My time here was a great experience for two reasons.  First, it was a great learning experience.  My supervisor was extremely supportive and facilitated getting the most out of my placement as an In-Home Parenting Educator.  Secondly, the remarkable group of women as well as the values of the organization create an environment of balanced work life, well being, and growth.  I know that PRC will continue to do great things in the community and I will miss being a part of the team.

Cherie Fish (April 2018), University Student on Placement

[Thanks to the work I did with my counselor] I became aware that the key to a better relationship with my kids actually started with me. I had to lead by example and model healthy behaviours. I recognized that working with my counselor was an opportunity to heal.

Sabrina, In-Home Parent Support Client

My life was upside down. No one ever showed me how to take care of myself as a parent or told me why it was important.  I had to take a hard look at everything I had been through in my life and change my filter to see things differently. When I was able to separate things that were done to me from things I had control over, I could start reclaiming my life. I now recognize my strengths and how resilient I have become.

Sabrina, In-Home Parent Support Client