We Stand with Ukraine

“On Wednesday, August 24th, hundreds of people gathered on Parliament Hill, many wearing blue and yellow and carrying flags. The event was held to observe Ukrainian Independence Day and engage with people who have a connection to and love for Ukraine.

We listened to some Canadian politicians and diplomats from Baltic countries who spoke about the courage of Ukrainians in the face of the Russian invasion, which began six months ago. The energy and enthusiasm was contagious and I got to experience the event through the lens of my good friend Yevgeniya.

Listening to everyone sing the Ukrainian national anthem was so inspiring and the emotion and patriotism surrounded the crowd like a protective shield. As I looked to the night sky and saw the Canadian flag fluttering high above Parliament, I realized how fortunate I am. Grateful that I live in Canada and particularly grateful for what I am learning about.

Ukrainians have a long rich history full of deep rooted traditions, world changing inventions, defeats, successes, challenges and steadfast leadership. All of the experiences including the war today have contributed to building a culture of resourceful, unrelenting, resilient and courageous people.

Thank you Yevgeniya Gaber for sharing this part of your journey with me and for educating me, trusting and supporting me while I learn and evolve. With your stories and life experiences, you are helping me become a better version of myself and in turn a better leader.”

Deborah Lehmann, Executive Director, Parent Resource Centre